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Children’s Karate Kit

Children’s Karate Kit

My child is interested in trying karate, do I need to buy them a karate suit first?

No, there is no need to go out and buy a karate suit before you start training. Most karate clubs are keen to ensure that prospective members do not waste their money.

It is more important that your child enjoys their first experience of karate – if they enjoy themselves then they are likely to want to go back again.

Most good clubs and instructors are happy for your child to wear is a t-shirt and a pair of jogging trousers or similar.

My child has had a great time at their first few classes and is keen to train regularly, what equipment do they need?

As a minimum, most good karate clubs require all their students to wear a karate suit (gi) and to have their own pair of sparring mitts.

You should check with your club / instructor if there are any other items of equipment that they consider to be essential for your child. Most good clubs will also encourage their students to wear other protective equipment for sparring sessions, e.g. a gum shield, shin and instep protectors, a groin guard (male and female), a chest guard (female) and possible lightweight body armour.

As with most sports and clubs, etc. there is also a wide range of other bits and pieces of equipment and accessories that you may wish to buy for your child, e.g. a karate holdall, impact pads, t-shirts, tracksuits and karate themed accessories.

Where can I buy the equipment that my child needs?

You can buy a karate gi and sparring mitts from a specialist martial arts supplier, most good sports shops or directly from some karate clubs.

Prices vary depending on the size, make and supplier. However, a good quality karate gi and a pair sparring mitts for your child should not cost you more than £35 - £40.

Generally, any other equipment that you require for your child can be purchased from specialist martial arts suppliers and directly from some karate clubs. Good sports shops may be able to supply some, but possibly not all, of the additional equipment required. Prices vary depending on the size, make and supplier.