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About Karate

There are approximately 100 million practitioners of karate making it one of the most popular and widely practiced martial arts in the world.

Karate is practiced by people of all ages and abilities – worldwide 60% of practitioners are male, 40% are female and 65% are children and young people.

Of Japanese origin Karate is a martial art which (as a comprehensive self-defence system) uses a variety of punches, kicks, blocks and strikes in combination with evasive body movements and counter attacks to respond to attacks from individual and multiple assailants.

Practicing Karate is a great for improving your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, its benefits include:-

● Improving general well-being and vitality whilst encouraging self-confidence, assertiveness, concentration, focus and self-respect.

● Promoting self-discipline, courtesy and respect to others.

● Provides an excellent cardiovascular workout, increased flexibility, speed and stamina, enhanced posture and improved muscle strength.

● Helping to prevent being bullied or becoming a bully.

For those of a sporting inclination, sport karate also provides a great opportunity to test their karate skills in a structured, safe and controlled environment. Karate competitions are held regularly at local, national and international levels.